Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome to the Selee Family Blog!!

Good Morning all! During the Alexander Family visit to Washington, we talked about creating a family blog to better help us communicate and share events, pictures and life with each other........well here we go!! I ( Shellagh) did my best to create a place for us to do all of the above. This is fairly new territory for me so there may very well be things that need to be corrected.

A few items of business relating to the blog.....At this point it appears it will let me send the blog, and/or new blog comments to only 10 emails. So, I tried to pick one representative out of each family (the family being Grama Selee & her kids/spouses) and then we had a few more spots left so I added the 3 missionaries.

Also, I don't have email addresses for all the cousins/kids. So, please forward those addresses to me if you can. Or if you see that I have missed something else please email me!!!

And.....I need to get back "accepted invitations" from each of you so I can add you as administrators as well. That way you can all do all the administrative stuff. And I don't really know what kind of stuff that entails, but I'm sure you all need it!! :-) AND when you accept the invite you can then start posting to the blog. It's very easy to post & add pictures so please add as much as you like!!

We love you all!

Shellagh, Larry & 3 blondies (Madi, Kenz & big Al)

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