Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My day has been Great!

Hello Everyone!

Good afternoon or morning or even night!

I thought I would tell you guys about my day. Today, was 7th day of school into the school year. So far it is going great. *If you didn't know already. . . . I am in my 7th grade year of my school life* I start my day with advisory and this class is with Mr. Sayles. So far he is a good teacher, though he doesn't have much of a humorous personality. Their is nothing wrong with that except I am usually around people that are funny or laugh occasionally. So I just need to get use to it, that's all. By the way in advisory we just talk and he asks us to dream big and make our lives the best it can be. Next period is Pre-Algreba. I have this class with Mr. Millay. He is pretty much the complete opposite of Mr. Sayles. Here's a description: Funny, always joking around with us students, never that serious, and is very helpful. {Mr. Sayles is helpful, too though.} After Pre-A, I have Physical Education also known as P.E.~ I have this class with Mr. Sobolewski and I know I do have a lot of male teachers. It's like any P.E. class, we run, fitness test, run the mile, learn and play sports, and have a blast. By the way Soboe *Mr. Soboleski* is awesome and can be strict but more then most of the time a wonderful, funny, and sarcastic guy to be around. My 4th period class is Choir with the one the only {Drum Roll} Mr. Gallager! He is a very cool and musical guy! Even though he is a little weird or dorky with his music he is awesome!! I ♣ Love having him as a teacher! He is great with teaching us notes, time signatures, rythmn, beat, and just being able to sing well as a group. Then I have lunch with Friends. . . . . . . . Theeeere Great! For my 5th period class I have Language Arts/Reading with Ms. Kleeburger. I don't know, I mean she is okay, but she is super strict with talking. She is probably 38-42 and has been teaching for 12 years! I yawned in class today really loud and my friend, Ronnie made me yawn *cause he yawned* and my teacher got pretty mad at me because that is disrespectful. So that was really awkward but I am cool now. We just do surveys, writing samples, and or Quick-Writes. Next is 6th period which is with Mr. Millay! I think he is wonderful! I am so happy he is the only teacher I have 2 classes with! Yea! Yea! Whoo-Hoo! Basically we do Key Terms, Maps, Read chapters, or jdo worksheets on what we are learning. Last and Finally class of the day is with Mrs. Hoesly in 7th period. She has us do Key terms, worksheets, and experiments. She is a good teacher, but she is kind of like Mr. Sayles because she doesn't really laugh and as I've said before that is totally and completely cool with me. It is just something I need to get use to. Also she is completely nice! That is all about my teachers, school work, and schedule. By the way . . . . my day has been great, and it will end on a high note because we are having pizza tonight and mutual is in 2 hours!!

Now enough about me already! Guys as a way of showing love to me and the rest of the family *PLEASE . . . . . POST LETTERS OR JUST NOTES WHENEVER YOU CAN SO WE CAN ALL TALK OR COMMUNICATE OR IN SOME WAY STAY IN CONTACT*

I love you all! Have a great night, afternoon, or morning!

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Emily said...


I'm glad you seem to like most of your teachers-that definitely makes the day better! Are you getting used to being in 7th grade?? I'm little sis is growing up.

Love you!